My First Forward Look

A Story by Andrew
Canadian Plymouth Belvedere

It took roughly six months to find this car. I knew I wanted a forward look car and I had narrowed it down to three make and model combinations based on options, color and location. I remembered seeing this car locally, long before I was in the market and I have to admit I was shocked when it came available on Craigslist. I was the first caller on his ad and immediately made arrangements to see the car. What luck!

Black on red, slant six, torqueflite, new power steering unit and a completely rebuilt front end. All within my parameters and budget! Canadian built, this Plymouth has the '61 Dodge interior in it and no "Plymouth" script on the horn ring. Previous owner wasn't into MoPars and merely bought the car on looks. Kept it for a year and sold it to me. Previous owner to him was the couple that brought it out of Edmonton after an unfortunate Ebay auction experience. I won't go into the details about that other than to say I was the beneficiary of that deal gone awry.

Since buying the car I have gone through the brakes, installed the correct radio, fixed the horn, had the rusty floors and rockers replaced and added seat belts. Next will be to repair the radiator, redo the front seat cover and possibly do a disc brake swap in the front.

Customer: Andrew
Vehicle: Canadian Plymouth Belvedere

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