Packaging and Shipping Parts

We will always return parts to you well cushioned and packaged. However, we want to make sure your parts make it to our shop safely. Below are some tips for removing the components you need and packaging them to send to our shop.



For instructions on removing your instrument cluster use our tutorial here


General Guidelines

  • Pad all sharp edges, corners, and burrs of parts such as sheet metal or bare metal.
  • Pad or cover precision-machined areas of parts, such as threads and fittings.
  • Protect all parts that are susceptible to damage due to dents, scratches, and scuffing by using an appropriate amount of cushioning material and placing in a sturdy shipping container.
  • Place documentation and shipping or routing labels on flat surfaces that will allow for maximum adhesion. Avoid placing labels on curved surfaces.
  • Drain and empty parts filled with lubricant fluids before shipping or test that the shipment is leakproof under all orientations.