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Welcome to Our MoPar Community

Your Stories

Your Stories

Want to learn about projects that other customers are working on? Check out some great stories here, or share your own journey.

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JC Auto Blog

Every day brings a new project or challenge to the JC Auto team, and we want to share what we learn and see around the shop.

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MoPar Friends

Resources for fashion, trends, and tips for the many ladies, friends, and partners of MoPar fans out there.

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Connect with us on social media to see the latest happenings at the shop and stay up to date with events and news in the MoPar community.

Invite a Friend

Know someone who is interested in cars? Help them get the parts and services they need for a project!

Make a Wish List

Is someone in your life looking for the perfect gift for you? Say no more! Wishlists are the perfect ways to share your project needs with loved ones and friends, or just to keep track what you want for yourself. All you need to get started is a JC Auto account.